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I can hear my fridge humming!

No, I’m not going mad. I am nearing the end of my time of Long Service Leave and I’m marvelling at the slower pace my life has settled into. I have moved so slow and experienced so much peace and quiet that I can literally hear my fridge hum almost all the time… and it ISN’T annoying me!

I’m really happy with what I have and haven’t done.  Somehow I feel that, despite doing not much at all during the past seven weeks, I have achieved more than I could have possibly hoped! I am not one to sit around watching TV too often, although I’m addicted to my Thursday night ritual of Masterchef, Glee, Law and Order: SVU followed lastly by Medium, and maybe the odd Midday movie on Channel Seven! In “taking stock” of what I have done, it would look something like this…

  • I completed a couple of writing courses (the meditation and writing course is tomorrow).
  • I developed my personal blog and started a work-based blog.
  • Did a complete makeover on my garden with my mum.
  • Had a massage from Sr Tess at the Bethany Healing Centre… always a wonderfully unique experience that I will no doubt share with you in a later post.
  • Cooked a number of mains and desserts, including a Oreo Cheesecake which used 450g of Oreo biscuits… yuuuuummmmm!
  • Caught up with many friends, some of which I haven’t seen for many years… and cooked some more.
  • Went to the Easter Show for the first time at Homebush.
  • Walked with my mum on many days in my favourite park.
  • Read Leo Babauta’s ‘The Power of Less’ and started my first habit!
  • Started Covey’s ‘Seven Habits’ Book.
  • Went away down south for a week.
  • Watched a sunset.
  • Did heaps of wedding planning and spent quality time with my man.
  • Gurneyed a fifth of my backyard… don’t ask!
  • Got my bathroom partially renovated.
  • and how could I forget… waking up at 2am to make a cup of tea for Michael because I dreamt he had asked for one. Man was I mad when I realised I was sleep walking!

This list is pretty amazing to look back at… I can say in all honesty that I have no regrets… there is nothing I would have liked to do and didn’t, and I did nothing that I thought was a waste of time!

In summary… time well spent!!!

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So, my site stats resemble something like the dip in an exponential graph… Why you might ask? Most likely because I have stopped visiting my site every 10 minutes! (see ‘Blogging Buzz’).

Take this post for example, in my wish to blog at a more steady pace, I have opted to blog about nothing in particular at 11.00pm at night!

Today was a constant stream of housework… Typically, when I am working, I rarely do housework in the traditional sense, so it’s a little novel to actually do a series of things that resemble cleaning, in one day! My usual routine is wiping down benches when I spill something (which is quite frequent thankfully) and vacuuming when I can no longer walk barefoot and feel the plush carpet between my toes… when I can feel other “bits” I know it’s time to vacuum! I like to think of myself as a sensual person and apply this to my cleaning methods.

I enjoy the free and light feeling I get after having sorted through everything I own and categorising it into the “I-need-this-to-live” pile and the “I-want-this, but-it’s-unecessary-clutter-complicating-my-existence” pile.

Now, what to do with the piles of unnecessary clutter?… This time, in addition to the usual bags of old clothes and shoes, I have discarded two particular items of interest. First is the third of the four mops I own (see Sydney Royal Easter Show post). It lay discarded, unloved and rejected, a reminder that purchasing a mop in my household should never be a decision made lightly or carelessly. The second item is a pair a green marbled stallions rearing up on their hind legs. They’re bookends I was given as a gift many years ago by an old boyfriend. Whether the horses were of any significance to him, me or us, I have long since forgotten. They do, however, serve as a reminder that, at least for me, serenity comes from remembering the past and then letting go of old things to make room for the new. Hmm… I think I read that in a quote once.

Have a happy, uncluttered day.

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10-11 January, 2010

By Spencer's Creek

Well, we tried! Our aim was to spend four days on a walking trip in Kosciuszko National Park, both the south and north. The plan was to camp for a couple of nights at Island Bend, walk the Summit Walk to the top of Mt Kosciuszko and return via te Main Range Track in one day, spend some time around Geehi and the historic huts and spend the last day around Yarrangobilly Caves and the thermal spring.

Unfortunately I suffered from a bad migraine on the first night after setting up camp in a fly infested campsite and we had to head home.

The Fly Invasion!

Thankfully, we did get a chance on the first afternoon to drive to Guthega and walk a little. We tried to find a walk suggested to us by a woman at Jindabyne Tourist Information Centre. It was quite beautiful, about the same gradient as walking up one of the chairlift runs and the walk up the first rise brought us to the base of Mt Blue Calf and still within the treeline.

At Charlotte’s Pass we walked along the Boardwalk and saw Mt Kosciuszko and the walk we were to do the next day. On the way back to the campsite we spent some time at Spencer’s Creek wanting to swim in the crystal clear water.

I’m looking forward to attempting this walking trip again. In the meantime… I have some fitness training to do!!!

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