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9 January, 2010

The old park at Warragamba Dam brings back memories of Saturdays and Sundays in my childhood spent having family picnics at the dam.

When I was a kid we used to visit often in winter. There was a playground specially designed for the vision impaired that had instructions on the railings in braille, there was a large grass area below the water tower just big enough to play French Cricket and there was a small room in the middle of the park housing the simulated Warragamba Dam display that we HAD to press repeatedly, obviously to see if it did anything else but pour water down the wall.

The Old Park

Our most recent trip managed to bring these memories flooding back as I stood in the same park that is now run down, outside the perimeter of the recent upgrade and with the information centre and display closed down.

The day was heaps of fun despite the heat, and I enjoyed revisiting it before people start to return to the dam now that it has reopened. Unfortunately, I couldn’t convince anyone to play the obligatory game of French Cricket… not even the male additions to our rapidly expanding family!


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10-11 January, 2010

By Spencer's Creek

Well, we tried! Our aim was to spend four days on a walking trip in Kosciuszko National Park, both the south and north. The plan was to camp for a couple of nights at Island Bend, walk the Summit Walk to the top of Mt Kosciuszko and return via te Main Range Track in one day, spend some time around Geehi and the historic huts and spend the last day around Yarrangobilly Caves and the thermal spring.

Unfortunately I suffered from a bad migraine on the first night after setting up camp in a fly infested campsite and we had to head home.

The Fly Invasion!

Thankfully, we did get a chance on the first afternoon to drive to Guthega and walk a little. We tried to find a walk suggested to us by a woman at Jindabyne Tourist Information Centre. It was quite beautiful, about the same gradient as walking up one of the chairlift runs and the walk up the first rise brought us to the base of Mt Blue Calf and still within the treeline.

At Charlotte’s Pass we walked along the Boardwalk and saw Mt Kosciuszko and the walk we were to do the next day. On the way back to the campsite we spent some time at Spencer’s Creek wanting to swim in the crystal clear water.

I’m looking forward to attempting this walking trip again. In the meantime… I have some fitness training to do!!!

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What a lovely book. I finished reading this yesterday morning. It was a Christmas gift and is very much in the tradition of Paolo Coelho’s work.

A beautiful and meaningful book about the important life lessons that people should learn.

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6 January, 2010

We went for a nice, brisk Wednesday afternoon bushwalk yesterday. The Wednesday bushwalk is fast becoming one of the features of our holidays.

At around 5.30pm we headed off just to do the Oatley Bay part of the walk, but decided part way through to extend it to Lime Kiln Bay. It was amazing how quickly a half hour walk became a 7km walk.

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Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk

Treetop Walk

I have wanted to go here for a while. The October day we visited was quite

overcast and we had a few showers at the end of our walk.

It was not an overly challenging walk. I was a little disappointed by the difficulty level, but it’s also a good thing that everyone can access the views from this vantage point.

Worth doing once!

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